November 2023

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“Can you believe that at Freddie Mercury’s last concert, no one actually pressed record?”: The story of the great showman’s last stand

As the summer of 1986 unfolded, Queen appeared invincible, buoyed by their unforgettable performance at Live Aid the previous year. The demand for their twin shows at Wembley Stadium, organized […]

Five controversial songs by The Rolling Stones that need to be forgotten

After forming in 1962, The Rolling Stones quickly defined the decade alongside other British bands like The Beatles and The Kinks. The 1960s was a significant time in the development […]

BIMOTA TERA की पहली झलक आई सामने नई अवतार में करेगी मचाएगी

BIMOTA TERA : BIMOTA tera आप सब ने बहुत सी sports और रेसिंग बाइक के बारे में सुना और देखा होगा, उन सब बाइक में से ही एक KAWASAKI की तरह […]